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Auction January 2019

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Lot 1

Red ground Kashan pattern machine carpet Not Sold

Lot 2

Beige ground Kashan design machine carpe Not Sold

Lot 3

Red ground Ziegler design machine rug 1 Not Sold

Lot 4

20th Century Tunisian rug having all-ove Not Sold

Lot 5

20th Century Turkoman style runner havin Hammer Price £65.00

Lot 6

Meshed carpet with a medallion and all-o Hammer Price £190.00

Lot 7

Hamadan rug with a medallion and all-ove Hammer Price £30.00

Lot 8

20th Century Persian rug having all-over Hammer Price £65.00

Lot 9

Turkish floral geometric pattern rug on Hammer Price £45.00

Lot 10

Kurdish rug with a single lobed medallio Hammer Price £45.00

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