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Auction January 2018

Carpets & Rugs, Textiles, Miscellaneous Collectables, Books, Ceramics & Glass, Silver and Plate, Jewellery, watches & coins, Copper, Pictures, Furniture, Clocks

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Lot 49

Fly whisk and collection of lacquer bowls Not Sold

Lot 50

Carved soapstone group of a figure riding a buffalo Hammer Price £10.00

Lot 51

French advertising fan dated 1913 together with an early 20th Century fan decorated with a bull fighting scene Hammer Price £15.00

Lot 52

Victory geographical wooden puzzle a childs Morrell puzzle and a Waddingtons puzzle Hammer Price £10.00

Lot 53

Dolls house wicker crib with the original paper label C. and S. together with two other wicker items Not Sold

Lot 54

Late 19th / early 20th Century leather suitcase Hammer Price £10.00

Lot 55

Art Deco style three drawer mirrored jewellery box together with a similar cigarette box Not Sold

Lot 56

Blue Knight A Class K900 large model pond yacht with aluminium mast detachable keel sails and various fittings including deck mounted self tacking mechanisms 85.5ins long overall Not Sold

Lot 57

Jane 10 Rater class large wooden model pond yacht with integral keel detachable wooden mast sails and deck mounted self tacking mechanisms with a simulated plank deck 64ins long on a wooden st... Not Sold

Lot 58

19th Century mahogany cased brass sextant by W.C. Cox Devonport with telescopes and accessories Not Sold

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