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Auction October 2017

Carpets & Rugs, Textiles, Miscellaneous Collectables, Books, Ceramics & Glass, Silver and Plate, Jewellery, watches & coins, Copper, Pictures, Furniture, Clocks

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Lot 401

Four volumes British Flowering Plants by Mrs Henry Perrin published by Bernard Quaritch London 1914 Hammer Price £80.00

Lot 402

Eight volumes The Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening by George Nicholson circa 1900 together with two large volumes The Natural History of Plants by F.W. Oliver Hammer Price £55.00

Lot 403

Twenty volumes The Works of R.L. Stevenson Pentland Edition No. 815 of 1550 published by Cassell & Co. London 1906 Not Sold

Lot 404

Ten volumes London by Sir Walter Besand published by A & C Black 1911 in decorative matching red bindings Hammer Price £25.00

Lot 405

Collection of ten volumes relating to Africa including Fire and Sword in the Sudan by Rudolph C. Slatin Pasha 1896 Hammer Price £55.00

Lot 406

The Works of Bernard Shaw thirty one volumes bound in green cloth No. 710 from a Limited Edition of 1025 together with six Punch books Not Sold

Lot 407

One large volume Leonardo Da Vinci together with one 19th Century volume Principles of Mental Pyschology and one leather bound French volume Genie Hammer Price £10.00

Lot 408

One volume Old Nursery Rhymes illustrated by H. Willebeek le Mair together with one volume Tennysons Guinevere illustrated by Florence Harrison Hammer Price £95.00

Lot 409

Three volumes printed for J. Johnson London 1791 The Natural History of Birds containing a variety of facts selected from several writers containing various hand coloured engravings bindings (a/f... Hammer Price £320.00

Lot 410

Two leather bound volumes of Imperial Gazetteer dated 1855 Hammer Price £10.00

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