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Auction February 2015

Carpets & Rugs, Textiles, Miscellaneous Collectables, Books, Ceramics & Glass, Silver and Plate, Jewellery, watches & coins, Copper, Pictures, Furniture, Clocks

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Lot 1

19th Century Sarouk carpet with a typical all-over floral design on a brick red field with multiple border 12ft x 9ft

Lot 2

20th Century Afghan Kelim rug with geometric design in shades of pink and cream

Lot 3

Similar Afghan Kelim rug

Lot 4

Chinese washed carpet with typical floral design on a pink ground with borders 9ft x 6ft

Lot 5

Afghan rug with all-over hooked medallion design on red ground

Lot 6

Large Chinese rug on a mustard ground with multiple floral borders (a/f corner cut out - piece included).

Lot 7

Group of three small Chinese floral decorated rugs

Lot 8

Modern red ground Afghan runner 2.86m x 0.78m

Lot 9

Blue ground tribal runner 2.9m x 0.85m

Lot 10

Red ground Kelim runner 2.1m x 0.53m

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