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Auction February 2014

Carpets & Rugs, Textiles, Miscellaneous Collectables, Books, Ceramics & Glass, Silver and Plate, Jewellery, watches & coins, Copper, Pictures, Furniture, Clocks

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Lot 1

Indo Persian rug with floral borders and all-over floral design on cream and blue ground 2.2m x 1.48m Hammer Price £30

Lot 2

Aubusson style needlepoint rug having black ground 2.75m x 1.83m Not Sold

Lot 3

Aztec style tribal runner with tan ground 2.68m x 0.92m Not Sold

Lot 4

Aubusson style carpet having blue ground 2.3m x 1.5m Not Sold

Lot 5

Kazan rug with beige ground 1.7m x 1.25m Not Sold

Lot 6

Bokhara runner having beige ground 2.8m x 0.75m Not Sold

Lot 7

Kelim rug with red ground 1.8m x 0.95m Not Sold

Lot 8

Qashqai Varigeh rug woven with bands of varying designs on a midnight blue ground with narrow border 29ins x 23ins Hammer Price £190

Lot 9

Hamadan rug with all-over medallion design and multiple borders 81ins x 40ins Not Sold

Lot 10

Kashan vase rug with all-over tree of life design on an ivory ground with narrow border 5ft x 2ft 10ins approximately Not Sold

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